The VET NDE Project

Our mission is to close the medical “gap of care” of combat soldiers who have had a near-death experience (NDE) and or a spiritually transformative experience (STE) by offering them validation, education, and support of their events. We are dedicated to raising the awareness of medical professionals and the general public worldwide, that these experiences and their aftereffects are real events and should not be ignored nor dismissed.


IANDS proudly announces that the following Vet Speakers and Vet Advocates will be presenting throughout the entire IANDS 2019 Conference! All will be co-facilitators of Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald’s Military NDE Workshop, and participating in Ret Army COL Dr. Diane Corcoran’s Military NDE Discussion Group. Dr. Corcoran will be the Moderator of several IANDS NDE training video presentations called, “Near-Death Experience, What Medical Professionals Need to Know” and “Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences”. In addition, the Speakers and Advocates will be making appearances in the Experiencer’s Lounge to help support Vet NDErs and other IANDS attendees! Please join IANDS and our Speakers and Advocates and to register for IANDS 2019 Conference today!


The disbelief of NDEs Leads to a “Gap of Care” for Wounded Soldiers and Veterans.
– by Lilia, Counselor & International Vet NDE Advocate

An injured soldier having had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) awakens in the hospital traumatized, in pain and often confused and very emotional about an experience they do not understand. They recall vivid memories of their life-changing event and need answers to their many questions, seeking comfort and support. When their questions go unanswered or are casually dismissed, it leaves an indelible impression on them to not discuss their NDE further, leaving them in an emotional limbo. They become fearful that they will not be believed, or that they will be rejected, ridiculed, mischaracterized as “mental” or being misdiagnosed as psychotic and treated with unwarranted drug therapies, producing serious side effects. In addition, they worry that if they discuss their NDE, they may lose their security clearance and benefits.

Wounded soldiers, feeling vulnerable, place their trust in the medical staff to care, comfort and support their needs, including looking for answers to questions about their life-altering NDE. Unfortunately, more times than not, their NDE account is casually dismissed or trivialized by the very medical personnel sworn to heal them. Instead, they are given sedatives and other drugs, to help cope with any perceived stress associated with their “so-called” NDE.

The first line of defense to assist patients who have had an NDE should take place at their bedside, while in the hospital, by medical personnel or clergy trained to deal with patients who have experienced an NDE. But that is just not the case, producing a patient “gap of care.” Since NDEs are not typically accepted as a “real” event among the medical community and some clergy, soldier’s NDE accounts are dismissed as non-factual; an illusion produced by post-traumatic stress, or perhaps a lack of oxygen etc. The denial of the NDE being a “real” event leads to this “gap of care.” This lack of validation of the NDE account can have a damaging impact on the soldier’s psyche, causing them to lose confidence in expressing their NDE. They are left on their own to “work it out” and often revert to conditioned responses taught during combat training, suppressing their feelings deep inside, which complicates their PTSD.

The impact of this crucial “gap of care” should not be marginalized. It is not merely a missed opportunity to help resolve concerns the soldier may have about their NDE. The “gap of care“ is traumatizing, exacerbating the already devastating, life-changing injuries sustained, including PTSD, and magnifies feelings of confusion, fear, isolation and hopeless despair, with little to no way out.

NDEs are a real experience to the soldier and must be validated as such!


Ret. Army COL Dr. Diane Corcoran, Ph.D., RN served in the Army Nurse Corps for 25 years, beginning in Vietnam and ending as the Chief Administrator, Frankfurt Army Medical Center, during Desert Storm. While in the service, she held a variety of positions from Staff Nurse, Director of Education and Nursing Supervisor to Commander of the 86th Combat Support Hospital (CSH). She is the former President of IANDS, current Vice-President of IANDS, Head of IANDS 2019 Conference, the world’s first NDE Pioneer, Founder of the Vet NDE Project, International Speaker, Workshop Presenter, NDE Educator & Trainer. Dr. Corcoran is a recipient of the Continental Who’s Who for her lifetime service to others. She will be a co-facilitator of Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald’s Military NDE Work-shop, the Moderator of IANDS Military NDE Discussion Group and the Moderator of several IANDS NDE Training video presentations, “Near-Death Experience, What Medical Professionals Need to Know” and “Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences”. In addition, Dr. Corcoran will be making appearances in the Experiencer’s Lounge to help support Vet NDErs and other IANDS attendees.

Ret. Army COL Dr. Diane Corcoran, Ph.D., RN, Founder of the Vet NDE Project urges all to watch IANDS’ NDE documentary, Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences, produced by Roberta Moore of Blue Marble Films. Viewers will learn that there is a simple, viable and effective remedy to close the “gap of care” for our injured soldiers, who have experienced an NDE, by providing confidential, timely, non-judgmental comfort and support at their bedside.

Army Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald is a multiple NDEr and STEr, minister, chaplain, Yoga Meditation Teacher, PTSD consultant, an award-winning poet, international motivational speaker, artist, film adviser, veteran advocate, Scuba Instructor, a Vietnam Veteran who was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, The Purple Heart, 14 Air Medals, The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, etc. He founded The Spiritual Warrior Ministries which provides free chaplain services for the military community across the USA. It is an all faith alliance of ministers, reverends, rabbis, even self-ordained chaplains who represent a rainbow of faiths and beliefs. The only two rules for the ministries are that it be self-funded and there is no preaching any dogma. The chaplains are encouraged to work with these men and women on spiritual issues without trying to convert them. All religions are honored and respected. He also founded The Military Writer’s Society of America to help encourage veterans to express themselves in books as an effort to help with their PTSD, as well as to preserve history by recording one veteran’s personal history at a time. The MWSA has over a thousand members and is recognized as the largest military genre writer’s group in the world. Rev. Bill has been involved with a dozen films and documentaries and is the author of his autobiography, A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey. His other books include Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart, Purple Hearts, Sacred Eye and Warrior A Spiritual Odyssey. Rev. McDonald will be an IANDS Keynote Speaker, Military NDE Workshop Presenter, a participant of the Military Discussion Group and a participant of both IANDS Fundraiser Speaker’s Lunch and co-host of IANDS Experiencer’s Lounge!

Ret. Navy CPO Tony Woody is an NDEr, multiple STEr, lecturer, and a spokesperson and co-facilitator of IANDS Military Workshops and Discussion Groups. Tony is an immovable Veteran’s Advocate, championing a wide array of veteran-related issues such as, healthcare, educating the international community about the aftereffects of Vet’s NDEs and how medical professionals can help close the “gap of care” of Combat soldiers who had NDEs/STEs. Tony shares with vet NDErs all over the world, where he found his answers to his experience in the Light. Tony will be a Co-facilitator of the Military NDE Workshop and a participant of both the Military Discussion Group and Military Experiencer’s Lounge.



Kelvin Chin, J.D. is the Executive Director & Founder of the Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation and the “Turning Within” Meditation Foundation. He has worked closely with the military helping soldiers, veterans, contractors in war zones, and “Gold Star Families” deal with and overcome the full range of issues that come with military service, both in war zones overseas and in the U.S. Author of Overcoming the Fear of Death: Through Each of the 4 Main Belief Systems. Kelvin will be an IANDS Special Featured Speaker, Workshop Presentation, a participant at the Military Discussion Group, a co-facilitator at the Military Workshop and a participant of both IANDS Annual Fundraiser Speaker’s Lunch and IANDS Experiencer’s Lounge!

Genny Krackau, author of “Beyond The Explosion”, is a lifetime resident of San Antonio, Texas. She spent the majority of her Civil Service career working in the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and then retired from the U.S. Army Medical Command, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. After her retirement, she worked several government contract jobs within the AMEDD. Of special interest was a research study with wounded warriors for combat-related injuries. Additional research included military and civilian burn injuries, supporting a clinical trial for head injury patients and hearing conservation research with the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence. Her sincere dedication and compassion for the patient are well established by her numerous accomplishments and awards. She always put the patient first and foremost in any job she performed. It’s no surprise that by compiling these Combat Near-Death Experience stories, she once again is serving the military in a very unique and special way. Genny will be a co-facilitator of Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald’s Military NDE Workshop, a featured panelist In Dr. Corcoran’s Military NDE Discussion Group and will also be participating in IANDS Experiencer’s Lounge. Genny is the author of, Beyond The Explosion,

Dr. Ingrid Honkala is a Marine Biologist, Master Scuba Diver, NASA and Navy Scientist, international lecturer, childhood NDEr and STEr. She is married to a retired US Navy veteran who served in Special Operations. Ingrid has also worked for the Colombian and US Navies for over thirteen years. Since birth, Ingrid lived and worked in intense combat zones of South America and was diagnosed with combat-related PTSD. Dr. Honkala has a great passion for warriors worldwide and will be helping to close the “gap of care” of combat soldiers who have had NDEs and STEs. Dr. Honkala will be a featured speaker on the Wisdom of Higher Beings Panel, a featured speaker at IANDS Annual Fundraiser Banquet, a co-facilitator of the Military NDE Workshop and a participant of Dr. Corcoran’s Military Discussion Group. In addition, Ingrid will be making appearances in the Experiencer’s Lounge to help support Vet NDErs and other IANDS attendees.

Roberta Moore of Roberta Moore Productions and Blue Marble Films, LLC, are film production companies specializing in spiritual topics. She is a former professor of English at Florida Southwestern College, where she taught for 20 years. Roberta has studied near-death experiences since the 1970s, is a long-time member of IANDS and a current member of the Board of Directors for IANDS. Roberta is an STEr, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, lecturer, producer, director and videographer of numerous NDE and spiritual-related films such as IANDS Vet NDE documentary, “Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences and much, much more. Roberta will be a Speaker discussing the topic, NDEs and Mystical Experiences: Transformed by the Light. In addition, IANDS will be showcasing both of her NDE Training videos at the conference.

Raymond O’Brien provides NDE Counseling to NDE survivors and is a member of the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists. He has had two NDEs and multiple STEs and has been resuscitated 10 times due to cardiac arrests. His work with clients ranges from experiences of terrorism to near-death. Raymond will discuss how NDEs impact a survivor’s daily life, their social interactions, their relationships with friends, family, and the medical personnel who treat them. He will also discuss the impact of the “gap of care”, the importance of normalizing the NDE, and how to help experiencers learn to choose the correct therapist who can help them process and integrate their NDE via validation, education, and support. He is currently putting together a working model for addressing the many PTSD symptoms associated with NDE survivors which is integral to his approach to psychological and emotional healing. Raymond will be working worldwide with Ret. Army COL Dr. Diane Corcoran, Founder of the Vet NDE Project to help close the gap of care of combat soldiers who have had NDEs. Raymond will be an IANDS HERS Speaker, a co-facilitator of the Military Workshop, a participant of the Military Discussion Group, a participant of IANDS Experiencer’s Lounge and featured at IANDS Annual Fundraiser’s Speaker’s Lunch.

Sue Pighini is a multiple NDEr and STEr, an award-winning author, leadership seminar trainer, Transformational Life Coach, and a motivational speaker. Her passion to help veterans heal from their combat-related PTSD, depression, thoughts of suicide and coping with any of the negative aftereffects of NDEs is paramount. She experienced great loss when her father committed suicide after developing service-connected cancer and again when her brother died of cancer due to agent orange exposure during Vietnam. Her healing strategy is based on helping veterans “reconstruct” their lives by re-focusing their experiences as being “gifts” instead of obstructions. Sue will be IANDS Guest Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Co-facilitator of the Military NDE Workshop, and a participant of both IANDS Fundraiser Speaker’s Lunch & Experiencer’s Lounge!


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