Near-Death Experience Reveals Secret to Rapid Healing

by Nancy Rynes



One of the most miraculous aspects of many near-death experiences is the almost immediate physical healing of the body – generally from that which caused the “death” of the body in the first place. Experiencers have reported going into immediate remission from cancer, others have had tumors disappear, and trauma victims experience accelerated healing of bones, organs, and tissues.  Generally, near-death experiencers report overall rapid healing after having experienced time in the afterlife.

Have you wondered how it works, and if it is related to what we call Reiki and other energy-healing modalities?

I too, experienced almost miraculous healing after my NDE, and that healing has led me down a path I never expected to take. The injuries that I sustained during the trauma which eventually led to my NDE were severe: twenty-four bones were broken, each one in multiple places, for a total of well over 100 fractures. I sustained a cracked pelvis, cracked sternum, five broken ribs with associated punctured and collapsed lung, a broken collarbone, one almost-completely shattered vertebrae, and multiple broken vertebrae throughout my neck and lower back. Most of my transverse processes in my spine were cracked as well. I had come terrifyingly close to being a quadriplegic and feared that I would never walk again.

A few days after the accident, while in surgery to repair my spine, I died on the operating table. My resulting NDE was long and involved but near the end of my time in the afterlife, my spiritual guide and mentor, Mari, did something for me which was both sacred and incredibly helpful to my physical self: she performed an energy healing on my soul-body before sending me back to my human life. Within a few weeks, I noticed something unusual happening: rapid physical healing.

At first, I didn’t connect Mari’s energy work with the accelerated healing of my injuries. But then at four-and-a-half weeks post-accident, my doctor proclaimed that all my casts and braces could come off because my bones were healed. Unbelievable! How could this happen so quickly? The doctor seemed even more surprised than me since he expected I would be in the casts and braces for twelve to sixteen weeks. To have everything off in less than five weeks was a miracle.

That’s when I remembered Mari’s energy work, which then led me to research the subject and speak with energy practitioners. I came to understand that the physical body, including the brain, emotions, and associated traumas, can be affected positively or negatively by the status of our energy at all levels.

You are energy—not just your soul, but your body as well. It’s not that you have energy inside of you, it’s that you are energy. That’s an important nuance that I had not truly understood before. You are a continuous spectrum of levels of energy from the seemingly-solid physical, to the highest, most ethereal of the spiritual. Some of those levels at the lower end of the energy spectrum coalesce into a form that you know as your physical body. The higher levels of your individual energy state is your spiritual essence.

But how do energy healings, whether done during a spiritual experience like mine or through the skills of a trained practitioner, translate into changes in the physical body and mind?

During a spiritual experience, your soul is immersed in the energy of cosmic-scale love, which causes your soul to resonate at that frequency. As Dr. Gary Schwartz has demonstrated, the spiritual frequencies associated with love also happen to be the ones that have been demonstrated to enhance healing in the physical body. When you are immersed in Divine love, the vibration of that love-energy resonates through the levels from your soul to your physical body. That resonance sets up the conditions for rapid changes at the physical level, including healing.

It’s also common for experiencers to report being in an “afterglow” state from their NDE for weeks or months. I certainly was. I lived in a state of almost constant gratitude, another form of love, for a few months after I came back into my body. It’s this afterglow, a carryover of divine love, that I believe continued the healing I experienced during my NDE.

A few months after I physically healed, Mari told me that I could do the same thing for others that she had done for me. At first, I didn’t believe her. I had never remotely fancied myself an energy worker, and in truth, it took me another couple of years to prepare myself emotionally. When I was ready, though, my teachers appeared: Mari and several celestials coached me through what I needed to know in order to begin. I also studied a few books on the scientific basis of energy work and took related classes. But what seemed to happen is that my spiritual teachers reawakened a skill that I already possessed.

Today I have the ability to work with a client’s energy currents in order to promote wholeness, remove blocks that are keeping someone spiritually or emotionally stuck, and bring them back into the vibration of Divine Love. My clients have confirmed that this methodology is successful in helping them make spiritual and emotional breakthroughs, feel more peace, find clarity, and feel energetic again. During some sessions, I receive hints of other lives or direct messages exclusively for the client. Occasionally, angelic or celestial beings come in the room to assist, but I always know that the loving energy comes through me from the highest Divine Source, not from me.

If your own energy needs a little fine-tuning, try this: sit in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Think about someone you love or something for which you are deeply grateful. Allow this feeling of love or gratitude to take over. Dive into it as much as you can. Simply immerse yourself in that feeling until it envelopes you completely. Stay in this state for about 10 minutes, just letting the vibration of love engulf you. You are bringing your body into alignment with the energy of love, which is also the energy of wholeness.

The energy of love heals our body and soul. Blockages to this energy can be removed, allowing the love to flow freely again. The more you can spend time in a loving state, the better you’ll feel all around.

I’ll be delving into many more details around this topic, as well as how we can use the wisdom of NDEs to bring about an evolution of humanity, at the 2019 IANDS National Conference in Philadelphia. I hope you’ll join me.


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