2017 workshop schedule


Workshop with Jeff Olsen

“Sharing the Signs” ($60 early, $70 regular)

Friday, August 4, 4:30-6:30 PM

Participate in this interactive workshop where we connect with each other about the signs of the hereafter and signals from our loved ones. This workshop will be a collaborative discussion and workshop designed to reinforce the power of our shared experience on Earth. Join us in our common experiences and come together @ONE.



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Workshop with Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer® aka the Psychic Explorer®

“Interdimensional Communication” ($60 early, $70 regular)

Friday, August 4, 4:30-6:30 PM

Experience in this workshop an uplifting and inspiring presentation by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® aka The Psychic Explorer®. Combining his gift of Evidential Mediumship with his knowledge of Survival of Consciousness and Near Death Experience Studies, the Science behind Spirit Communication, Theology and his unique sense of humor, Mark will demonstrate how making contact with a loved one in spirit can be an important therapeutic step in the healing process through grief. Mark, who was born with the ability to communicate with spirits and having a near death experience himself, will connect several random audience members with loved ones on the Other Side.

Mr. Anthony, a 4th generation Psychic Medium, Oxford educated attorney is licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the US Supreme Court. He is also the author of the best-sellers Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go. The award winning and ground-breaking Evidence of Eternity removes fear and superstition from spirit communication, bringing it into the 21st Century. Never Letting Go is, the uplifting guide on the journey through grief which is recommended by hospices and grief counselors worldwide.

To his credits, Mark is featured regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, MS-NBC, Fox Television and on major talk radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Shirley MacLaine’s Independent Expression Radio, Darkness Radio, and Sirius XM as a psychic medium, paranormal expert and legal analyst in high profile legal cases. He’s been featured in The Hollywood Times, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, Lifestyle Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly and Awakenings to name just a few. This is a be there must-see experience to witness!

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Workshop with Robin Aisha Landsong and John Utter

“Singing Medicine – A Community Ceremony for Healing” ($50 early, $55 regular)

Friday, August 4, 4:30-6:30 PM

Singing has been used as effective medicine for body, soul, and community in many cultures throughout human history. People who attend our Singing Medicine events report a variety of experiences. Many are profoundly moved and find renewed creativity for their purpose. Some experience emotional healing, physical healing, and tremendous insight. For some being sung to is a pivotal life event. Participants directly experience the sacred within themselves and within others in the group, consistently report that the songs sung to others in the group benefit them immensely. John and I briefly share our stories of overcoming internalized oppression to bring out our gifts that can be considered unconventional in American culture. This workshop will inspire near-death experiencers (NDErs) and spiritually transformative experiencers (STErs) to bring forward the gifts they received during their experience. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Facilitate healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels (see our website for people’s testimonies).
  2. To see, feel and know through the body the ways we are interconnected to one another and to a greater source.
  3. Experience communion through sharing a high resonance event with others as an antidote to loneliness and isolation.
  4. Give a live experience of the gift Robin received during her NDE, and that John received through several STEs.

This workshop is for a group of up to 20 people.

Visit her web site Singing Medicine Video Singing Medicine web site


Workshop #1 with Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

“Into the Heart of Consciousness” ($60 early, $70 regular)

Saturday, August 5, 4:30-6:30 PM

Profound experiences reported throughout the world teach us that the spiritual realm is right here, available to us, and a fundamental part of our collective truth that can no longer be simply dismissed. Consciousness is primary to all of existence and fortunately, we can all access this fountain of information and gain firsthand knowledge of it.

Join New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, for an experiential sound journey and ride on the power of group energy and innovative audio technology to achieve thinning of the veil and journey into the heart of consciousness. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Consider non-conventional definitions of brain and consciousness,
  2. Learn what “brain entrainment” is and why it can be effective,
  3. Experience firsthand meditations that use brain entrainment, i.e., NeuralHelix™ technology with sound, and
  4. Discuss the heart’s electromagnetic field and how we can manage it using our thoughts and emotions.

Visit the Sacred Acoustics Website Visit Eben Alexander’s Website


Workshop with Suzanne Giesemann

“Seven Steps to Higher Consciousness” ($60 early, $70 regular)

Saturday, August 5, 4:30-6:30 PM

This transformational presentation provides the keys to accessing and learning to trust the inner guidance that is available to everyone. The Love and Light of which we are all a part is accessible to us when we expand our consciousness and connect with it through intention. Join Suzanne as she shares stunning evidence of collaboration with the non-physical dimension and shows how anyone can open themselves to higher levels of creativity, insight, inspiration, direction, wisdom, and love. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Understand the spectrum of consciousness,
  2. Understand how communication occurs across dimensions,
  3. Learn and apply specific steps to accessing higher consciousness, and
  4. Create an attitude of open-minded exploration into expanded states of awareness.

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Workshop with Gabe Sereni

“Bioenergy Workout Workshop” ($35 early, $40 regular)

Saturday, August 5, 4:30-6:30 PM

The Bioenergy Workout is a fun yet informative 2-hour practical workshop during which students perform a series of diverse bioenergetic (chi, prana, subtle energy) exercises intended to help them develop their energetic capacities. Mastering our personal energies is one of the keys to maintaining equilibrium, becoming more self-aware, identifying and overcoming emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defense, increasing our self-awareness and self-knowledge, unlocking our potential, and developing our psychic ability. During the workout, Gabriel will first guide students through a series of foundational exercises, gradually layering on more complex ones as the class progresses. Students learn to exteriorize, absorb, control, donate and use energies using one’s will, for unblocking and healing one’s self. They will also apply techniques to develop their sensitivity and perceptions, including a clairvoyance exercise. The techniques practiced help students learn to revitalize their own energetic field, protect themselves energetically, identify external energetic influences, and increase their self-awareness about their energetic condition. Additionally the approach taken in the workshop is a scientific and clear one, devoid of unnecessary mysticism and obfuscation when approaching the topic of bioenergy and it’s use in personal and spiritual development. After each series of exercises participants will have the opportunity to share feedback with the rest of the workshop participants and compare and contrast perceptions and sensations experienced as a result of the exercises. Practical examples will be given in the workshop of how they techniques can be used in commons situations we find ourselves encountering in our daily lives. This workshop brings one closer to experience the energetic and multidimensional reality reported by those who have had experienced near-death experiences and other psychic and spiritual experiences. The Bioenergy Workout is one of IAC’s most popular workshops and is regularly taught in numerous countries worldwide. Many people retake this workshop several times due to its effectiveness, practicality, and the positive cleansing and healing effects experienced in the workshop.

Gabe has been a researcher for over a decade and has given lectures and workshops worldwide for years on topics related to consciousness studies, human potential, psychic development, subtle energy, out-of-body experiences and a scientific approach to spirituality. He is the coordinator of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)-Colorado and has served on the IANDS Board.

Visit the IAC web site IAC-Colorado link is coming!

Workshop: Veterans Discussion Group with Diane Corcoran

“Veterans Discussion Group” (FREE and OPEN to the public)

Saturday, August 5, 4:30-6:30 PM

Diane Corcoran Col. US Army (Ret), an Army Nurse and Tony Woody CPO US Navy (Ret) who served as flight engineer on the P3 Orion aircraft will discuss near-death and near-death-like experiences of active duty service members and veterans. This workshop is open to the public. Audience participation will be sought to help identify better ways of training military medical professionals to recognize and react to NDE accounts and the experiencer. If you are a disabled veteran who had an NDE or NDLE please contact Diane at vethelp@iands.org prior to the conference.


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Workshop #2 with Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

“Know Yourself: Engage your Infinite Mind” ($60 early, $70 regular)

Sunday, August 6, 2:30-4:30 PM

Becoming aware of the reality of consciousness and the binding force of love will lead to unprecedented individual growth and understanding. As each of us discovers our soul’s true purpose, together we can shift the current predominant world paradigm into one that acknowledges the oneness and inter-connectedness of all.

Join New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, for an experiential sound journey and ride on the power of group energy and innovative audio technology to become more aligned with your higher soul. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Consider non-conventional definitions of brain and consciousness,
  2. Learn what “brain entrainment” is and why it can be effective,
  3. Experience firsthand meditations that use brain entrainment, i.e., NeuralHelix™ technology with sound, and
  4. Discuss the Collective Mind, of which we are all a part, and how aligning to our higher soul will contribute to a better world.

Visit the Sacred Acoustics Website Visit Eben Alexander’s Website


Workshop with Jane Katra

“True Spirituality: Evidence that Humans are Evolving, Energetic Multidimensional Beings, and that the Universe is Spiritual” ($35 early, $40 regular)

Sunday, August 6, 2:30-4:30 PM

Humans are born incomplete. Our bodies obey the laws of physics, but enlightenment teachings tell us that we are designed to learn to evolve our consciousness. We can learn to invoke and transmit spiritual energy that can intervene in physical laws. Near-Death Experiences, Death-Bed Visions, After-Death Communications, Mediumship, Instrumental Trans-Communication, Past-Life Memories, Channeled Writings, Out-of-Body Experiences, Psychic Abilities, and Quantum Physics give evidence that humans are extradimensional. HeartMath Institute research shows that human hearts radiate informational fields of loving energy. Enlightened teachers, and contemporary parapsychological and neuroscience research have shown humanity’s capacity for evolving in consciousness, and increasing the power of our energetic radiance and brain neuron density. NDErs have glimpsed our more evolved, radiantly-loving multi-dimensional selves. We have important roles to play in changing how embodied humans perceive themselves and interrelate with one another. We can prepare others for the disclosure that we are multidimensional beings in a spiritual universe, not alone in the cosmos, and connected in consciousness with all living beings.

Workshop objectives:

  • Evidence that indicate that some aspect of human consciousness does not die when the physical body dies.
  • Helping loved ones to assimilate their spiritually-transforming experiences by understanding them within the larger contexts of consciousness research, enlightenment teachings, quantum physics and neuroscience.
  • Science of Consciousness teachings of enlightened people that describe the evolution of consciousness of multidimensional humanity, in which humans would radiate transforming healing energy, activate subtle energy perception, and experience connection in consciousness with all living forms.
  • Areas of psychic research that have robustly demonstrated psychic abilities of humans, and that indicate that our true nature is interconnected consciousness.
  • The reality of multidimensional life throughout the cosmos, humanity’s evolutionary mandate on earth, and the role NDErs play, along with ET experiencers, in ushering in an evolved consciousness of humanity of love, light, and healing energy.

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Workshop with Nancy Rynes

“Angel Whispering Workshop” ($35 early, $40 regular)

Sunday, August 6, 2:30-4:30 PM

Have you wanted to communicate with your guides or the angels in real time, on your own? How do you know if the communication is real? In this workshop, author Nancy Rynes walks the audience through ways that they can converse with their spirit guides and the angelic realm in real-time. The class will actually practice different ways to converse with light beings so be prepared for some truly amazing encounters! Angelic beings and Nancy’s own guides will also be present to assist. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Participants will learn ways to spiritually protect themselves before beginning communication.
  2. Participants will learn the types of communication we can receive, and how they can tell if it’s real.
  3. Participants will try two different techniques to communicate with guides or angels so they can choose which works best for them.

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Taller ECM 101 Gratis por Ana Cecilia González / NDE 101 Spanish Workshop


Domingo 6 de agosto, 2:30-4:30 PM / Sunday August 6, 2:30-4:30 PM

Taller Gratuito totalmente hablado en español: Introducción a experiencias cercana a la muerte por Ana Cecilia Gonzalez.

En este taller Ana González hará una presentación para aquellos que son nuevos para el tópico de la experiencia cercana a la muerte (ECM). A traves de este taller usted recibirá información básica de lo que es una ECM, incluyendo incidencias de ECM, características y efectos posteriores a una ECM. Ana compartirán con ustedes, como testigo, sus experiencias vividas cercana a la muerte y terminará con una sesión de preguntas y respuestas.

Free NDE 101 Introduction to Near-Death Experiences Workshop completely spoken in Spanish by Ana Cecilia González.

This workshop will present the topic of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) for those new to the topic. In this workshop, Ana González will explain basic information about what a NDE is, including incidents of NDEs, features and NDE aftereffects. Ana will share with you their Near-Death Experiences and end with a question and answer session.

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